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[Action - Taylor 1129]

[There is a 12 year old boy sitting at the breakfast table, eating his cereals. Said boy was 16 only yesterday. Come investigate, Spain?]

[Action - the park, OPEN TO ALL]

[Nezumi is in the park, training knife-throwing. He has to use some of the kitchen knives and normal tableware ones because he couldn't find something better, but it will have to do for now. There are a couple of ways how you can encounter him:
a) this knife did not hit the aim. Instead it almost gave you a nice new hole or ruined your nice new jacket, or something along those lines.
b) you stop and watch him. If this takes too long, he will turn around and adress you.
c) you approach him and/or say something.
d) whatever else you can come up with really. Go wild.]

[tags will come from [livejournal.com profile] mousekid ; sorry for posting again this quickly, but I couldn't pass this one up. I'll of course still tag into the last post, no worries.
Explanation: Nezumi has completely forgotten about Shion now. Thus he has now come to Mayfield from roughly half an hour after Shion did not stop Nezumi's blood loss, aka from after his death. Which was four year prior to his normal canon point. He is now twelve.]
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All of this sounds a lot like a new, different kind of droning to me. ...even though I can imagine that at least one of those that are gone now really was airhead enough to answer a yes to that question. [He cannot decide if this is worse or better than the "normal" droning. Both are creepy and disgusting and make him want to peel his skin of... Or rather the skin of the person who caused this.]

Have drones whose personality isn't entirely bland ever appeared before?

[action A]

[If you are an erased person, he will approach you. There needs to be a way to get erased people back, and maybe he can figure it out through talking to some of them.]


[action B]

[Nezumi is not going to scool today. Instead, He's wandering around town, ...or rather, sneaking around town. He tries to not be obvious about it, but you might notice that he's running away or hiding from something. Or someone aka erased!Shion. You can find him in the park, the streets, everywhere that leaves him enough retreating possibilities.]

[action C]

[In the end, though, the actor has retreated to the library and tries to find comfort in the books there... if there just were any books that he can find comfort in. You can find a 16-year-old searching the bookshelves with growing frustration.

He might approach you and ask:]
Are there any Shakespearan plays or something similar here?

*1; action

Nov. 26th, 2011 04:42 pm
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1. Taylor 1129

[Best way to wake up in Mayfield? Clearly when it is completely burnt down.

Which, not very surprisingly for Nezumi, doesn't bother him too much. Places like this should burn and be destroyed anyway. The corpses are mildly perturbing and to be expected in a situation like this... What worries him a lot more is how the people that he knows are doing. Well. Shion. So have a Nezumi scrambling over what remains of Taylor 1129, trying to not make too much noise and find the other Japanese as quickly as possible.]

2. Hardware store

[Later, Nezumi will be found at the hardware store, trying to raid it for whatever useful stuff is still left. He's a bit frustrated at this point and crouched down in front of a few pieces of iron that used to gardening scissors.

If you approach him, a mouse (for those who would notice it despite speed/relatively animal-like appearance, the mouse is a robot) will squeak and rush towards you to circle you once and then run back to Nezumi if you don't interrupt it.]

3. Your house

[And Nezumi will also raid all houses that seem to have no survivors. The stores seem to be rather useless, but maybe the private quarters have food or other things left?

So if you are either not at home right now or he would for some other reason definitely not notice you, you can find a dark haired teenager raid your formerly cosy little house.]


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