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All of this sounds a lot like a new, different kind of droning to me. ...even though I can imagine that at least one of those that are gone now really was airhead enough to answer a yes to that question. [He cannot decide if this is worse or better than the "normal" droning. Both are creepy and disgusting and make him want to peel his skin of... Or rather the skin of the person who caused this.]

Have drones whose personality isn't entirely bland ever appeared before?

[action A]

[If you are an erased person, he will approach you. There needs to be a way to get erased people back, and maybe he can figure it out through talking to some of them.]


[action B]

[Nezumi is not going to scool today. Instead, He's wandering around town, ...or rather, sneaking around town. He tries to not be obvious about it, but you might notice that he's running away or hiding from something. Or someone aka erased!Shion. You can find him in the park, the streets, everywhere that leaves him enough retreating possibilities.]

[action C]

[In the end, though, the actor has retreated to the library and tries to find comfort in the books there... if there just were any books that he can find comfort in. You can find a 16-year-old searching the bookshelves with growing frustration.

He might approach you and ask:]
Are there any Shakespearan plays or something similar here?
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