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Application @ [livejournal.com profile] mayfield_rpg

Name: Kira
Personal LJ: whatisnarva
Contact Info: plurk: whatisnarva
Other Characters Played: N/A
Preferred Housing: Taylor 1129, I have permission from all players

Character Name: Nezumi (=Rat; since everyone in the series who has an actual name seems to sport a Japanese name, I will assume that it is really "Nezumi".)
Character Series: No. 6
Character Age: 16


Describing himself, Nezumi would probably use the word "survivor". It is a good word to start with when explaining him, because it is not only a fact of his personal history (he is the last survivor of the forest folk, survived being hunted by the authorities of No.6, and is still alive at the age of 16 despite having had not the slightest bit of help with staying alive for the last four years) but also something that determines a lot of his personality, in two different ways: For one, his immense hatred for the city. His strongest wish is to see the city being destroyed, and he feels no pity for the many humans that would die. "If you don't kill them, they will kill you.". Secondly, to survive, he developed a certain mindset that can to large parts be explained from how he grew up. Sure, there is 'nature', too, but pretty much all of the 'nurture' is based on surviving.

With one exception, all his relationships are of a distant, practical kind. He does not trust anyone, and does not expect them to help him out of kindness or any other feeling of that kind. Interpersonal relationships are about how useful they are, about money and favours being repayed. Attachment to others is dangerous and will kill you or drive you insane.

Even morals, compassion and ethics come second to surviving. Remember the quote above? Leaving someone to get into serious trouble or to die, torturing someone, putting someone into a horrible situation - if those things help you survive or get to your goal, they are justified just by that. He has been a 'demon' in canon, and the description can be pretty accurate: His voice become so soft and alluring that even a man who he was torturing at that time thought for a few moments that Nezumi was really promising him pleasurable things when he used that wording, and he will still be handsome, even beautiful, when doing horrible things to someone.

Most of the time, though, he is just a cold, detached, business-like person who is not only street-smart but also book-smart: You will find him quote classic literature every so often, and he has quite a library in his room. He works for a theatre under the name "Eve" (yes, he plays women roles), which he tried to hide from Shion. It's not said, but he was probably embarrassed about it.

Right. Shion. SHION. Now we come to the big dent in the perfect survival skills up there, in the form of a weird boy from No6 who saved Nezumi's life when they were 12 and who is a LOT more idealistic than Nezumi (which, really, is not that hard. But with Shion, you sometimes get the feeling that he is trying to average Nezumi out). Nezumi seems to have kept track of Shion after their first encounter, and saves him in return when he gets abducted by the authorities. And then starts (or maybe 'continues' is a better way to put it) a relationship that is not quite friendship and not quite love, in which they are both drawn to each other, yet not in the way that they would sacrifice themselves for each other or something like that - the best way to say it is probably while they live with each other firmly in mind, the relationship is not one of unhealthy codependency. It is rather one of healthily completing each other.

Abilities: He has an extremely capturing singing voice.

Sample Entry: http://erotiquely.livejournal.com/1874.html?thread=2562130#t2562130 ; http://memebells.livejournal.com/36968.html?thread=66683240#t66683240